[News] Still cuts of SHINee’s Minho high jump training for ‘To the Beautiful You’ released

[News] Still cuts of SHINee’s Minho high jump training for ‘To the Beautiful You’ released

New still cuts of SHINee’s Minho‘s transformation as a high jump athlete for his upcoming drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘, have been released!

Staff were quick to praise how quickly he took to the role, showing off perfect form with his toned body and serious gaze.

For his role as ‘Taejun’, he’s actually been receiving personal training from coach Kim Tae Young, who’s also a former national high jump athlete and a member of the Korea Association of Athletics Federations. Minho’s already had his athletic skills recognized on various TV shows already so it didn’t take long for him to quickly catch on.

Check out his performance when the drama begins airing next month.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
via: allkpop

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[HQ Scan + Interview] Minho at Vogue Girl Vol. August 2012

[HQ Scan + Interview] Minho at Vogue Girl Vol. August 2012

VG: Did you practice high jump a lot? When we see you win on “Let’s go dream team” do you think it’s really as good as player/athlete’s standard?

Minho: I started practicing regularly for 1.5 months before filming. I thought the 1st until 2nd second try was easy, but this one is so different from what I did on dream team. High jumper player does backward jump, so this is really hard. High jump can be said as a very hard sport among trackfield event, and one of events that players avoid.

VG: Kang Taejun has a lady-killer character, is the character matched the lead’s character?

Minho: First, I’ll say that it’s about 50%, I have a lot of similar character with him, but my relation with my family and people are different. I watched the Japanese drama and tried to find the original (T/N: the manga, I guess?), I still can’t say that his genuiness, manliness, look, and naturally cool character are totally similar with me. After all, I just want to express and follow that character well.

VG: What kind of look will you show that makes you different from Oguri Shun which had the same role on the Japanese drama?

Minho: Because the person who acts the role is different, so the way I’ll show it will obviously be different. You can distinguish my different feels of the character from Oguri Shun. This talk will only be proven as you see the broadcast on 15th of August! Haha.

VG: SHINee’s Minho, Actor Minho, and Minho’s photoshoots filming like today, which one is the most difficult role?

Minho: It’s acting. I can just show myself when I sing and dance, but on acting, it’s not my real self that I show but what I must show is another person’s character which is as natural as possible, it is difficult.

VG: If you could pick on any kind of work as you wish someday, what kind of movie that you wish to to try?

Minho: Action or Quentin Tarantino’s noir movies. I want to try films whom Men like, but not in my image right now, maybe a while after will be possible.

VG: Talking about image, do you pursue for a ‘pleasant young man’ image? Like, when you go to pierce shop sometime, and the staffs ask you to pierce, but you immediately agitate and cut them off saying “I’m not doing it!”

Minho: (Shocked)Woah! ……It was only once. I was actually curious. Members wear a lot of piercings. Well it’s not that I’m going to make a ‘pleasant young man’ image but I think putting something on ears like earrings doesn’t suit me somehow. *For once, the stylist didn’t pierce her ear, so she asked me to look for her magnetic piercing, as expected, I felt weird as I saw it on the mirror. Furthermore, it got lost it in less than one hour*. So the conclusion is, I’m not a ‘pleasant young man’ it can’t be helped anymore. Haha.

* I’m actually not 100% sure about that part!

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[Photo/HQ] Minho from Everysing

[Photo] Minho from Everysing
size: 3000×4493

source: HEECO @ weibo

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[Photo] To Beautiful You Poster [3P]

via: @sulleim0329

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[Photo] Onew and Minho from SMTOWN Facebook 120717

[Photo] Onew and Minho from SMTOWN Facebook 120717

MINHOBB~~~~ love your spikey hairstyle <3333
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[Photo] Minho at New Etude CF Photoshoot

[Photo] Minho at New Etude CF Photoshoot

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[Photo] 120712 Minho Filming “To The Beautiful You” Drama

[Photo] Minho Filming “To The Beautiful You” Drama

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