SHINee Schedule

SHINee Schedule

[TV] 11:10PM KBS-2TV Hello
[TV] 11:00PM M.Net TV – The Beattle Code Session 2
{fansign] Dream Girl Daegu Fansgn
[Fansign] Dream Girl Busan Fansign

[TV]11:00PM SHINee’s one fine day eps 4
[Recording] KBS-1TV Open Concert
[Recording]12:50Pm – 1:50PM 일밤’이것이 마술이다’ – Onew-Key
[Radio] KBS Cool FM 12PM KimBeomSoo Radio (Bora)
[Recording] jtbc Hidden Singer

[Radio] SBS Cultwo Show – OnKeyJongMin
[Recording] Vitamin – Taemin
[Recording] Gag Concert – OnKeyJongMin
[Show] MBC Music Show Champion ‘Dream Girl’ + ‘Beautiful’ (recording at 8am KST)

[TV]6PM MNET Countdown
[Fansign] 8:30PM SHINee Dream Girl Yongsan & Kangnaam Fansigning (Location: Yongsan Land Cinema Hall 3)
[Radio] 10PM FM4U Sung Si Kyung’s MBC Music City

[TV] 6:10PM KBS2-TV Music Bank
[Radio] 2PM KBS CoolFM – HongJinKyeong’s Radio 1st session Surprise Appearance (Jonghyun,Minho,Taemin)

[radio] 00.00am SBS powerFM Jeong SeonHee’s radio ( 정선희의 오늘같은 밤 ) jong2min
[Radio] SBS Radio PowerFM 18:00~ Park SoHyeon’s Love Game
[Concert/Overseas] Music Bank Live Tour In Jakarta
[TV] 4:10PM MBC Music Core

[TV] 3:40PM SBS Inkigayo

[Recording] 9PM MNET YoonDoHyun’s MUST – SHINee
[Recording] Starking – Jong2min
[Recording] 1000th Song Chalenge – Onkey

[TV]11:00PM SHINee’s one fine day eps 5

[Radio] 8-10PM KBS2-CoolFM Yoo Inna’s Volume Radio

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